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Modern language school in Marbella

offering a new experience in language learning

Classes for Children, Adults and Companies

Business courses

In THE 2ND. LANGUAGE, we adapt the teaching of English, Russian, German, Spanish or any other language to your business, thus meeting the needs of your company.

The method is simple and dynamic, with vocabulary, texts and specific discussions of your work.

Schedules are flexible and classes may be taught both in our center or in the workplace. Our aim is to facilitate course attendance. We invite you to contact us for advise.

Children courses

According to several studies, the sooner children begin to learn a language, the better they accept it as their own. So in THE 2ND. LANGUAGE we are committed to language learning at an early age, from 3 years and above.

We design specific courses with programs and methods based on interactive games, songs, videos, theater, crafts and other activities so that the little ones learn their 2ND. LANGUAGE in a pleasant and fun atmosphere..

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